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  • Heather Love

....and so it begins.

I reached up to brush my fingers through my hair, and this happened today.

I knew it was coming. The oncologist had said that with the particular cocktail of drugs I am on, there was no way around it.

“It will start within two weeks.”

I expected it, so I don't know why it feels so shocking. I suppose that I didn’t expect the “start” of the hair loss to be this dramatic and fast? Perhaps I expected a more gradual, subtle loss?

But this is how the entire process of cancer has been.



…...And I am trying desperately to be flexible and roll with the punches.

Will bald be beautiful and maybe a little badass? I sure hope so.

I know that I will take the path to baldness as one more step towards being cancer-free.

And that? Well, that is certainly something I can get behind.

Chemo round #2 is tomorrow morning. Cancer better watch out.....I'm going to give it one heck of a fight.

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