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Can't Miss the Chance to Say This + More to Come

I have a much longer update to give and will write and post that here within the coming weeks.

However, since it is the last day of October and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to share two important things.

1. If you are due (or super past due) to get your mammogram, please call and schedule it. You must take charge of your health and ensure that you don’t have anything that may need to be addressed. Continuing to wait is quite possibly the worst thing you can do. I volunteer if you need someone to jump on a conference call and make an appointment with you. I will even go with you to your appointment if I can. I got you. I’m your gal.

2. As many of you know, I am committed to walking in the Komen 3-Day Walk here in San Diego from November 17-19th. It will be a monumental feat: 60 miles in 3 days.

When I first signed up, I was unsure if anyone else would be walking with me. I just knew that I had felt so helpless over the past couple of years over what happened to me. My health (in regards to the cancer and if it would come back or not) has felt so out of my control. Signing up to walk and raise money to find a cure feels empowering and something I CAN undoubtedly control.

AND the most incredible women DID sign up and form a team to walk beside me (and in honor of those they know who also fight this awful disease) and raise money for a cure.

To participate in the walk, we must raise a minimum of $2,300 EACH. Due to the support from many of you, I met my fundraising goal. Please help support my fellow team members in reaching their fundraising goals. Every bit helps.

I am helping them by asking for your support. ALL GOALS MUST BE MET BY NOVEMBER 12TH.

Here is a link to donate to Shannon Cheffett Walsh. I am sure that many of you remember her name as she is not only a dear friend of mine since high school BUT also my fantastic primary care doctor, whom I referenced often in my blog posts. Shannon was the one who came to my home and broke the dreaded cancer news to me, ensured I got in to see my oncologist in record time, and quite literally held my hand through the entire thing. She continues to do so to this day. I can't imagine having to do the walk without her. She is 60% of the way to her goal. Please help get her to her goal.

Here is the link to donate to Lauri Scherer. Greer and Lauri's son Avett have been besties since Kindergarten. She is one of the kindest and most loving humans I know. She needs your help to be able to walk. We can help her to get there. Every bit counts. No donation is too small. She is 32% of the way to her goal and needs your help to get there. Please, please donate.

Thank you so much for your help. More to come soon. xoxo- Heather

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