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Turkey Day and Round 3

I hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day. We had a small gathering--just Rick, my amazing mom, and me. We ordered from our favorite local Italian restaurant, Cesarina.

The boys were gone for their annual Thanksgiving week with their dad, so I was thrilled to have them back and show them the new bald head. It was good timing for them to have been gone as round 2 was much harder to recover from in regards to fatigue.

We are all getting used to a bald head. I still have eyebrows and eyelashes for now (is it too vain of me to say that I really, really hope they stay)?!

Fun Fact: I've even lost those little tiny hairs in your nose, so I have a constantly runny nose, like a toddler.

Public Service Announcement: Hair keeps you warm. I'm *constantly* cold.

Silver Lining: I'm pretty sure that I have the smoothest legs of anyone, usually an impressive winter feat.

Great news!

Last week, I had an ultrasound to check on the mass in the right breast and the detectable lymph node. The hope was the masses would stay the same size or possibly show some reduction. We were thrilled to hear from the oncologist directly before Round 3 of chemo that there has already been a reduction in the volume of both! This doesn't change the plan, but helps us know that all of this is worth it, and the treatment plan is working!!

Round 3 has been *much* harder from a fatigue standpoint with bone pain and a little nausea mixed in for good measure. 5 more rounds of chemo to go. I have under two weeks left of teaching before a two-week winter break.

The 4th round of chemo is on the 17th, and it will be the last of the dreaded "red devil." Although the following 4 rounds will have side effects, I am happy to hear that no one refers to them with a dreaded nickname involving a fire demon.

I look forward to spending some time with the boys over break, celebrating Rick's birthday, my birthday, and of course, Christmas. And we'll say goodbye to 2020 with the 5th round of Chemo on New Year's Eve.


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