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  • Heather Love

The C Word

Life brings us challenges, and 2020 has undoubtedly dished them out to all of us this year.

These obstacles come in all shapes and sizes.

My latest challenge is the biggest one I have faced to date...which is ironic because it’s microscopic.

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Aside from the initial shock and the deeply unnerving, continuing unknowns, the most troublesome side effect has been not knowing how to share the news.

I initially wanted to be the one to share the information with everyone individually ...but that proved to be a challenging feat, and I was emotionally exhausted after only a handful of family/friends. (Know that if I were able to have called each of you personally, I would have).

I know you likely have a lot of questions… do I! As I learn more, I will share more. I know that although I am scared, I am also strong, and I will beat this.

At the urging of a close few, I have created this website where I will share information and stories along the way. I know that I am incredibly grateful that I have many incredible people to support amazing boys, the love of my life, family..and all of you!

I will continue to update you as this journey unfolds. Until then, keep

sending prayers, good thoughts, positive mojo, or whatever it is you believe in.

xoxo- h

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1 Comment

Oct 04, 2020

Heather, you have been in my prayers since the day I found out. You are strong and you will beat this. Please know I am here for you and will help in anyway I can. A phrase I've been constantly repeating this year is, "God has a purpose in the pauses". I also have on my desk a quote that says, "Embrace the journey, trust your heart, and follow your truth." I can't begin to imagine what your journey is like but I know the challenges I've faced this year and I believe the Lord, "will quiet you by His love". Zephaniah 3:17 BIG hugs! Sheryl

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